Ear Piercing in Holborn Enhancing Your Wellbeing as Well as Your Look

Ear Piercing Holborn

Dandelion Wellness Centre

Make a bold statement with a large piece of jewellery, flavour your look with a subtle stud or enhance your physical or emotional health and wellbeing. At the Dandelion Wellness Centre, we mix age-old techniques to release tension and neural pressure with the latest hygienic clinical environment in all of our nose and ear piercing.

It is the perfect combination of a modern piercing technique to address your aesthetic needs – and a traditional approach to aid your internal wellbeing.

All of our highly experienced piercers are trained by the London Piecing Academy and are VTCT Accredited. They will be more than happy to guide you in your selection of the precise points you would like your ear or nose piercing to be placed – all while listening respectfully to your personal goals and the specific purpose that you want to get a piercing to achieve.

We custom fit your jewellery to you, ensuring that you end up with a look which is unique to you as well as being fitted perfectly.

Once your nose or ear piercing is complete, we provide full aftercare. This includes guidance in how and when to change your initial stud – usually around four-six weeks if your chosen piercing place was in your ear lobe, while other places can be a little longer. We also clearly instruct you in how to care for your piercing after it heals, even if this is not your first time.

The relaxing energy you want from your piercing studio in Holborn

Getting a piercing can be quite a thrill. But it can also be the perfect way to improve your inner sense of wellbeing, including your health, sleep, energy levels and even your menstrual cycle. At the Dandelion Wellness Centre, we have tried to create a piercing studio in which you can relax and feel at peace.

The ancient philosophy of Shoshin informs everything we do. Being a “student for life” means that we are always seeking better ways in which we can serve our clients. To do this, we need to listen to what you have to say – to your individual requirements and what you want to achieve with the piercing places you’ve chosen.

This attitude to learning also means we always strive to be at the forefront of the latest methods and fashion styles. If you want to know more about an ancient technique or the newest modern craze, we are almost certain to know about it.

Dandelion Wellness Centre

As a professional piercing studio, we also provide the highest level of hygienic and sterile clinical environment

Dandelion Wellness Centre

  • Anti-bacterial cleansing
  • Autoclave sterilisation
  • A single-use surgical needle
  • Surgical gloves are always worn
  • Professional aftercare always provided
  • VTCT-accredited piercers

Whether you want to lend your look a subtle highlight, to really make an impact with a piece of statement jewellery or take advantage of the many spiritual enhancements which piercing has to offer, we are here, ready to listen and learn.

Experience the ancient power of acupuncture in Holborn

This restorative practice is an ancient Chinese technique for improving the flow of energy through the body. By gently inserting needles into various key acupressure points, energy and blood flow are encouraged and the points of pain caused by restrictions or stagnations in this flow are reduced. The ancient Chinese principles of chi or qi, on which this practice is based, state that anywhere theflow of energy and force in the body are disrupted, there will be a resultant pain. This could be a disease, injury or weakness of some kind. Acupuncture has been used as a part of traditional Chinese medicine to treat and ameliorate the pain caused by a huge number of different conditions for hundreds of years.

For fertility. If you are trying to conceive, recent research which we performed in conjunction with Professor Homberg at London’s Homerton Hospital suggests that acupuncture might be for you. Women who were receiving IVF treatment who also experienced this technique conceived at a rate 24% higher than those who did not.

Cupping. Many ancient cultures, particularly those of China and Greece as well as in Africa and the Middle East, used cupping as a healing practice. In the past, the conditions treated with it included infections, skin lesions, pustules, bites and a vast array of others. The theory behind the practice is not unlike that of acupuncture. The obstructions in the body’s humours are, in this case, treated withglass cupping vessels instead of needles. These vessels are heated and placed on the skin. The vacuum inside them creates a gentle and relaxing sucking sensation which lifts the skin and removes the obstructions.

If you need to know more about either of these ancient healing treatments and the conditions which people have found them to be effective at treating, please do get in touch with us to discuss your personal situation.

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