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Fun Facts about Piercings

  • Did you know that in Primitive times due to superstitious reasons a common belief prevailed that demons and spirits entered the body through the ears but they were repelled by metal therefore earrings were an amulet (protection).
  • Ancient wedding proposals: it is stated in the Bible Genesis 24: 22 that when Abraham chooses a wife for his son Isaac, he seals the deal with the beautiful Rebekah by presenting a gold nose ring.
  • This practise then began to extend to many other Berber and Bedouin tribes where the husband presents a bride a gold nose ring when they are married. The size of the ring indicated the wealth of the family and in the event of a divorce the jilted wife was able to use the gold ring as financial settlement.
  • Mughal Emperors enhanced this practise in India during the 16th Century. A stud or a ring worn in the left nostril was believed to be related to the female reproductive health. An aesthetic piercing would therefore lessen the pain of menstruation and birth.
  • Nose piercings only reached the West in the 1960s when the Beetles and the Hippie movement began to promote this after travelling to India and adopting this as a symbol of peace and non-conformity.
  • Lewis Hamilton the most lucrative sportsman of all time has recently added a nose ring to his many embellishments and awards. You would agree that a nose ring brings out the metro sexual out in other wise high octance alpha male.
  • Septum piercings were quite common amongst tribal people and used as a symbol to illustrate boldness and fearlessness in men
  • The Asmat tribe in Irian Jaya Indonesia have known to have stretched their piercings in excess of 25mm in diameter to permit the leg bone of a pig or the bones of the enemy to be placed proudly within.
  • In Asia an amulet named a bulak is attached to the piercing. It is believed that this may prevent infection.
  • Among the Aboriginal tribe in Australia, the nose is flattened to emanate a more beautiful appearance.
  • Tongue piercings originated in the Aztecs and Mayans as a form of blood sacrifice. Priests and shamans in pierced their own tongues to create an altered state of consciousness so they could communicate with spirits and Gods.
  • In modern times Tongue piercings Tongue piercings is linked with rebellious shock factor and the enhancement of oral sex.
  • Lip piercing is common amongst African cultures. The Dogon tribes pierce their lips to present the creation of the world.
  • Insider secret: a navel piercing often associated exclusively with the fairer sex, was in ancient Egyptian times a symbol of Royalty. It was only for the privileged pharaoh and anyone else seen donning this piercing would be executed forthwith.
  • The advent of Bikinis and crop tops, stirred a further frenzy when the supermodels of the nineties; Chirsty Turlington and Naomi Campbell made the navel piercing the go to taboo / sensational fashion accessory.
  • Emperors and leaders of Ancient Rome were known to pierce their nipples as a symbol of virility.
  • The French aristocracy of the 1400’s, was one where ladies were found to adorn themselves with nipple piercings. Queen Isabella of France introduced garment of the grand neckline with dresses that had such low neck lines which often revealed nipples on display.
  • By the 19th century the bosom ring was the height of fashion and many a socialite regarded wearing one as feeling deeply arousing and feminine.

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