Top Tips to Changing from a nose stud to a nose ring.

It’s finally the time when your patience is rewarded, when you can can finally bling up from a nose stud to a ring . This video provides you with tip hacks about how to go about the process.

Top tips

  1. Ensure that your piercing had completely health prior to the sparkly changeover. The indicators are that there is no more swelling, pus, bumps (keloids) or tenderness ( normally 2 to 6 months post piercing).
  2. Begin by cleansing hands to gently remove your nose stud out.
  3. Next cleanse your nose removing any sweat and sebum from around the hole.
  4. Sterilise the new ring either with boiled water (making sure that the metal is not hot), or with either alcohol or an antiseptic solution.
  5. Carefully slide the pointed end of the jewellery through the hole.
  6. Follow the curve of the jewellery as you insert it through the hole.Feel the metal on the inner side of the piercing, follow the curve.
  7. Finally close the jewellery by either getting the two ends to meet or click into place  (the manner of closure will be dependent upon the type of nose ring eg. Click, segment, buckle clip or hoop.)

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