Tips for parents

  1. Speak to your child letting them know that about pain and discomfort… watch some videos … my videos
  2. Have a look at your child lobes.. at home. You may notice slight differences as no one is symmetrical either side. You may wish to mark the location prior to attending.
  3. Make sure your child is well, health and composed.  Explain that the procedure will be over in minutes. Major anxiety often results in sudden movements and possible injury both to child and even the piercer.
  4. Ensure as the parent you are composed.  It’s understandable that seeing your little one in discomfort might cause you distress but it s your parental responsibility to be gathered and supportive.  If you need additional support bring a friend along also.
  5. There must be no touching of ears once cleansed, if you are not
  6. Be conscious of time. It is advisable to mark and pierce slightly higher as a child’s ears are growing and later in life the site may stretch dependent on what type of jewellery they opt to wear.
  7. Do not  arrange a piercing on or a day before a special event, birthday, weddings, parties etc.  Your child will need a day to recover from this very  minor procedure a week or few days before is recommended.
  8. Following on from the previous point, Yes we’re in Central London but do not have a big itinerary planned, POST PIERCING.  A little celebratory meal in a fine restaurant is fine but not running around Hyde Park or climbing the Monument please.
  9. In my extensive experience, a  piercing on a micro level is like having a baby… no not in Comparison to pain but the moment the child sees their bedazzled self they will eradicate all memory of recent discomfort.
  10. Depending on child’s age you will have to manage aftercare.
  11. NO Touching…. not ever… never… only twice a day when cleaning.
  12. BONUS TIP: once healed keep a sleeper or retainer in place, in case they have to remove piercings for school activities eg swimming or PE.

A great recap to these points is in this entertaining video:


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