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Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese practice of inserting the finest needles into key pressure points to help alleviate stagnation in the form of pain and simultaneously encourage blood flow through areas of deficiency. According to traditional Chinese medical principle where there is pain, there is no flow and where there is flow there is no pain. Thereby the needles irrigate and open to allow flow.

You cannot heal in the same environment that you become sick in. The dynamics of acupuncture work with the principles of qi (energy and force), where there is a disruption of qi in the body there will be subsequent disease, stagnation and /or, deficiency. The insertion of the gentlest needles, at key acupressure points (meridian and neural pathways), assist in clearing areas of stagnation (pain and disease) alongside reviving deficiency.

Acupuncture is our foremost indispensable service. This most robust and sublime of ancient therapies has, over centuries, proved to revive and regulate energies to a restorative level.

Acupuncture for fertility

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Extensive research carried out by us in conjunction with Professor Homburg from the Homerton Hospital in London relevelled significant results supporting the hypothesis that women who were treated with acupuncture whilst having IVF treatment conceived at a rate of 46% compared to those who did not receive acupuncture who conceived at a rate of 22%.


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Cupping is a therapy involving the application of heated cups applied to the skin along the meridians of the body. By creating a powerful negative suction pressure, the cups alleviate pain and tension thereby restoring the movement and flow of healthy blood and qi.

Cupping is one the most ancient of therapies in human history, migrating across many cultures and traditions. Traditionally ancient cultures (Chinese, Greek, African and Islamic) used hollowed out animal horns, bones, bamboo, nuts, seashells and gourds to purge bites, pustules, infections and skin lesions from the body, and many are still in use today. Ancient healers also used Cupping devices to draw out areas of obstruction in the body and to balance the humours. Earthenware and metal were fashioned into Cupping vessels before the development of glass. 

By creating a vacuum heat in the cupped vessel and placing it on the skin, a gentle suctioning pressure lifts the skin tissue upwards to impart a deep relaxing and relieving sensation. Generally, cupping is combined with Acupuncture but its benefits can also be experienced on its own.

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about irrigating your land and servicing your vehicle.

Acupuncture is the most ancient and gentlest of treatment to regulate the energy within that is dis harmonised within each of us.  The treatment is a must for not only treating common serious ailments but to also gain a sense of harmony and vitality.  We only have one unique vessel which cannot be traded, let acupuncture then be the means to irrigate your landscape to allow for natural growth and enhancement.

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