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Our fertility boosting massage can assist fertility in conjunction with acupuncture. Extensive research carried out by us in conjunction with Professor Homburg from the Homerton Hospital in London relevelled significant results supporting the hypothesis that women who were treated with acupuncture whilst having IVF treatment conceived at a rate of 46% compared to those who did not receive acupuncture who conceived at a rate of 22%.
You will be offered massage oils of your choice, non-scented or (citrus for gentle energy, geranium for balancing and relief or lavender for relaxation). The session provides you and your baby with the chance to relax and be gathered for the blessed time ahead. The treatment also provides you with the choice to added heated cups to you back and sacral region to alleviate the build up of pressure on your back and lower region.
This is the ultimate massage for mothers in their blessed nestling phase. The strength and resolve that is needed to ensure a smooth transient delivery, focusing on invigorating your legs thighs and back. The labour of love massage improves circulation to the pelvis and sacro iliac joints, thereby providing you with the energy to exert, push and expel with the optimum energy. The treatment also include the choice to add cups to your back an sacral region to further decrease the pressure around these regions.
Do you want to naturally regain control of your menstrual cycle, optimise your fertility as well as improve your digestion… then Mizan Therapy could be your solution. Mizan is the foremost engaging massage for realigning and rejuvenating your reproductive and digestive system. The advanced innovation of the world acclaimed Bushra Finch, this deeply invigorating therapy infuse ancient techniques from the eastern school of Tibb medicine, Arvigo and Mayan Abdominal Massage into one perfected art.  Mizan penetrative moves concentrate on resolving and reversing chronic symptoms associated with: menstrual, fertility, digestive, pre and post birth needs. This deeply ethereal massage will pave the way to optimal health and well being.

Our founder, Nasila worked on a scientific paper exploring “The Impact of acupuncture on IVF success rates: a randomized controlled trial on Female (in)fertility”. You can see more about the research here

Why choose Mizan Therapy?

In my quest to adopt an eastern fertility massage technique which would allow women to reclaim and embrace womanhood, I came across Mizan Therapy, the accomplishment of Bushra Finch, who has successfully combined her extensive knowledge in various cultural paradigms to bring forth this restorative treatment for reproductive and digestive healing.

My ethos is very in line with the great alchemists and minds such as Avicenna: “There are no incurable diseases — only the lack of will. There are no worthless herbs — only the lack of knowledge”.

As many older professional women put off child bearing due to pressures of work and housing; many during these poignant times also wish to maintain optimum fertility and even experience healthy periods.

It is often that during times of relaxation and whilst on holiday, the stress of fertility can come to ahead for many.

Mizan Therapy Traditional Reproductive Healing Initial Session

Mizan Therapy Traditional Reproductive Healing Follow Up Session

Post Pregnancy Mizan Therapy Traditional Reproductive Healing Follow Up Session

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At Dandelion Wellness we provide a bespoke service attaching you to a either a doula or mothering specialist who will provide you with the essential and fulfilling support pre and post birth. Birth to Baby Package (mid to fourth trimester) Have you dreamed of warm, tender and supported confinement for you and your newborn?

In eastern paradigms and amongst a range of tribal and ancient cultures: the third and fourth trimesters (post birth stage) are a sacred, nourishing and bonding time in a new mama s life. The postnatal “forty-day confinement period” is a time to indulge in massages, warm soups, gentle routines and of course rest. This vital package will allow you to bond and avoid setbacks such as fatigue, postnatal depression instead focusing on rejuvenating and focusing on the new chapter of motherhood in every woman’s life.

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optimise your fertility by regulating your cycle and improving blood flow

According to ancient traditional Chinese medicine and wisdom women have a seven-year cycle, your teeth, hair and feminine ways are formed by the age of 7. By 14 your menarche and mensuration should be in full flow. Between the ages of 21 and 28 a woman is at the peak of her tian guiaka heavenly juices.  This is the optimum time to experience motherhood. However, with correct optimal lifestyle, diet and mindset fertility is also achievable in later years. 

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Nasila's Tips

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