Clear and Fake piercings, help resolve the old adage of….. to pierce or not to pierce?

So you’d like to get a visible facial piercing but are faced with a whole host of factors.  From environment (work, college and even family), to having cold feet about pain, or your simply unsure of how you’ll look with a new piercing, alongside concerns of metal allergies, or are even underage to get a piercing A simple but fabulous alternative is to engage in a fake piercing.  There is an aspiring array of these little sparkles of joy that come in a variety of guides from magnets, clip on, slip on rings to diamanté stickers all of which will prove to be the perfect non committal solution prior to getting a real piercing.

If you’ve been considering getting your nose pierced, there are many factors to consider; maybe you’re afraid of the pain, unsure of how you’ll look with a new piercing, have metal allergies, or are underage.

Watch our video to see how we our beautiful model Naomi demonstrating a range of clear fake nose and septum piercings.


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